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Our Products

Hydraulic Hose
Stainless Steel Hose Assemblies
Ball Valves and Check Valves
Elbow Adaptors
Gas Hose Assemblies
O Rings / Bonded Seals
Swivel and Fixed Adaptors
Tee / Cross Adaptors
SAE Flanges
Industrial Hose
Light Duty Clamps
Heavy Duty Clamps
Composite Hose Assemblies

Moulded rubber bellows

Moulded Rubber Bellows are designed to compensate for misalignment, neutralise movement and reduce noise and vibration in pipelines. They effectively dampen the transmission of sound and vibration from plant items in building service installations, and can be used for many applications including water, oils, chemicals, gases and in the food industry depending upon the grade of the rubber.

They are available from 25mm nb to 600mm nb (1"nb to 24"nb) and generally come complete with zinc plated carbon steel swivel backing flanges. They can be drilled to suit any table or special drillings and can be supplied either tied or untied.

We specialise in:

  • 24 hour breakdown cover
  • Producing large quantity orders for shutdowns/engineering projects

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